Field Trip / Sun In Bloom


This Saturday my sweetheart and I took a field trip to explore some healthy eats in our neighborhood. We wanted a delicious afternoon meal that wasn’t just breakfast or lunch, but wasn’t the typical heavy brunch fare. Normally I make Saturday Soup, but this week we were feeling curious about Sun In Bloom – a well designed, dare I say chic! vegan cafe. One part restaurant + One part coffee shop + One part prepared foods to go, all parts delicious. All parts accommodating to your unique dietary needs.

There are so many options on this menu you might accidentally order more than you need, as the meals are well balanced and surprisingly filling. We each got a sandwich and split the gluten free pancakes. Pro breakfast tip: always split the pancakes. These guys were topped in fresh strawberries and bananas and were so tasty I almost forgot they were gluten free.


File this under recipe I must replicate at home, my sandwich was a spin on the classic BLT made vegan with the insanely delicious shiitake mushroom “bacon”. Complemented by a raw almond mayonnaise these crunchy little mushrooms made this sandwich my favorite dish of the day.

I will find a way to make you shiitake mushroom bacon, mark my words.


Even though we were totally satisfied with our delightful dishes, we contemplated dessert for curiosity’s sake. Rearch, people! Besides, everyone around us ended their meals with a piece of something sweet.But alas, we decided to brown bag it and took home an apple strudel muffin to savor with our afternoon tea.


The muffin was not too sweet, doused in cinnamon and a little dry, but the apple-flour ratio kept me smiling. I believe a muffin should be dense with fruit and maybe, just maybe a little savory. I’m still working on recreating Scratch Bread‘s banana chunky, which is so gooey it might just be baked mashed bananas. Apples, mangoes, peaches and bananas are great to use in muffins (especially the oft-dry gluten free varieties) because they add natural sweetness and moisture, reducing the need for extra butter or sugar.


Dear Sun In Bloom,

I will be back to try more of your ambitious offerings. I’m looking directly at you coconut kefir and Bella Divine Salad.

Until we meet again, I will be dreaming of you Shiitake Bacon.




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