High Five / Ways to Get back to your Workout

Photo 73

(My niece helps keep me motivated during a tough kickboxing workout)

Busy, sick, tired, injured? There are so many reasons we fall off the workout band wagon, but so many more reasons to get back on! The good news is there are plenty of enjoyable ways to get back into the habit. Try one of these tips today and you’ll be back on track before you know it.

1. Fitness date. It’s my number one recommendation for a reason. Nothing gets me to show up for a class more than knowing my girlfriend will be there with me. Working out with a friend is a fun way to push yourself harder. My roommate and I make kickboxing dates and often get in a little trouble because we are laughing so hard. Busy schedule? Having a fitness date lets you see your friends, commit to showing up, and work off a little stress with a lot of fun. Bonus: it’s often cheaper than a dinner date.

2. Revamp your gear .  Are you a  neon warrior in vibrant colors or sleek ninja in all black? When was the last  time you gave your workout  wardrobe a makeover? You don’t have to spend a ton of money, I recently bought some awesome neon socks and it made putting my sneakers on a little more fun. Old Navy has great, affordable workout gear. OR maybe it’s time you splurged on that Lululemon outfit you’ve been lusting after. When I feel good about the way I look while I’m working out, I feel better about my workout.

4. Commit to doing it everyday, even it’s just 20 minutes. Seriously, just go to the gym, press play on a video, get down on the mat for a minute plank….once you start, you’ll find it harder to quit. When I really don’t have time, I search online for 10 minute workout videos.


(My kicks wait for me by the door)

4. Strategically place your sneakers. Put them out before bed, bring them in your bag, get a second pair for your boyfriend’s house. You can’t do that run if you don’t have a sports bra. I like to put out my gym clothes the night before and put them on first thing in the morning. It’s a pretty  effective practice – dress for success.

5. Do it in your bedroom. Or living room, garage and hallway. Exercising at home is the #1 excuse buster. Don’t have time? Save yourself the 30minute commute to the gym. Don’t know how to structure an effective workout? Try a video series like those offered by Jillian Michaels or Beach Body. Intimidated by your first yoga class? Sample the wide variety of yoga videos on sites like http://www.yogaglo.com or http://www.myyogaonline.com. Gym membership not in your budget this month? Try FREE workout videos online through YouTube (check out this one by Tracy Anderson), FitSugar (i’ve been squeezing this one in between appointment), or Pilates on Fifth.

Bonus Tip! Take a day off. That’s right, schedule some time to not work out. If you know you have a day of rest coming up, it will make it easier to push yourself to get to the gym today. Use that time to treat yourself to muscle recovery. Take a bath, utilize your gym’s sauna, or  get a massage (I often opt for a quickie 20 minute massage to save time and money). When you schedule in a  relaxation session after a couple days of working out, you’ll work even harder knowing next week you get to do it all over again.

Remember, start small  and don’t burn yourself out too quickly. I know, I know, you want to get to the finish line as quickly as possible, but if you don’t allow yourself to ease back into working out…you’ll be limping there on strained, weak muscles.

So go ahead, start now! Pick one of these tips to try today and enjoy your workout!


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