Naughty+Nice / The official Cleanse of Hustle+Glow


Ladies and gentleman! I present to you Naughty+Nice, the official cleanse of Hustle+Glow. I’ve been working hard to create an easy, delicious whole foods based cleanse to help you kick some naughty habits. Consider this your body’s Spring cleaning. A chance to be nice to yourself.  A week of eating clean and nourishing foods to help you get on a healthy track. I will be leading  a group version of the cleanse through Sapere Studio in East Williamsburg, where we will incorporate detox yoga, online community support, as well as in-person meetings. It’s going to be a lot of fun and a blast of energy! If you can’t commit to doing the cleanse this week or can’t make it out to Sapere, I will be offering an entirely online version of the cleanse in April. So mark your calendars and get ready to feel amazing.

Check out the pre-cleanse meeting at Sapere this Sunday / 5pm – a chance to get a free peek into the detox.

Get involved at the cleanse prep meeting Saturday March, 24th at 2pm.

Spring Forward with the 7 day cleanse, March 24th-31st.

…and Stay Tuned for an online version this April.


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