Breakfast is Served / Overnight Oats


Imagine waking up to fresh cooked, deliciously creamy oatmeal. Imagine after you empty the pot with the final scoop of that nourishing, energizing and warming meal you don’t even have to scrub the bottom of the pot. No, you aren’t still dreaming. No, you haven’t hired a private chef. You’ve just cooked breakfast in your sleep.


At the risk of sounding boastful, overnight oats are one of the best things I’ve made for myself. They take one minute of waking time to make AND they slide right out of the pot (anybody who has ever made steel cut oats knows that the clean up is killer). Oh yeah, and they also provide just the right balance of low-gi carbohydrates, fiber and protein to keep you feeling energized and comforted all the way to lunch. Choose steel cut oats as they are the whole grain groat, the inner portion of the oat kernel, which have been cut into two or three pieces rather than flattened.

After reading this please rid yourself of those quick cooking oat packets. That nonsense is highly processed and filled with sugar. Overnight oats are a heart-healthy, cholesterol controlling whole grain. Imagine them as a blank canvas for your day. Feeling sweet or savory? Feeling like a nut? Add eggs or nuts for additional protein. Add tomatoes or berries for free-radical fighting antioxidants.


All you have to do is remember to set the stage before bed and when you wake up in the morning, you can pretend your personal chef is planning on giving you a healthy, happy heart this year.

Directions / Keep it simple 

1. Mix 1 part steel cut oats with 3 parts boiling water.

2. Add a pinch of salt. Stir and let boil for one minute.

3. Turn off heat, cover pot. Walk away. Get some sleep.

4. Wake up! Turn heat on low, add a splash of water or fresh almond milk, or half a mashed banana. Stir until warm.


Now it’s time to get creative with toppings! Take yourself to the tropics with  a mix of toasted coconut flakes, toasted walnuts and mashed bananas. Brighten up your day with the sweet flavors of fresh red raspberries, toasted almond slivers and a dusting of lemon zest.

dyptic (1 of 1)


Now go ahead, dig in and take on the world.


Cookies for Breakfast

cookie with lemon water

Breakfast, you tricky little devil. I always forget about you. I’m not sure what you should be or what I want you to be.  Sometimes, I have you and an hour later I need more!

The most common question people ask me (and this is when you know you’re a health counselor) is “what do YOU eat for breakfast?” Most days of the week the meal that breaks the night’s fast should be quick and easy, insanely nutritious and hopefully delicious. This is the first meal of the day, the one that sets the tone and starts the engine. On busy mornings we often want to just “pick something up” or “grab something and go,” but what is that SOMETHING!?

Let me propose a cookie. That’s right, cookies for breakfast. Everyone I introduce to the breakfast cookie falls in love. They are seduced by the simplicity of the recipe and convinced by its hunger satisfaction. The dynamic duo of protein and fiber digests slowly which prevents blood sugar spikes and energy crashes.  With 7 grams of protein, 8.5 grams of fiber and no added sugar, these little guys will keep hunger at bay.

Nutritious, simple, delicious…let me introduce you to the Breakfast Cookie.



Yields 8-10 servings

Ingredients/ what you’ll need

1 cup gluten-free oats

2 mashed ripe bananas, or for a low sugar option use 1 cup pumpkin puree

¼ cup coconut flakes

2 tbsp almond slivers (optionally, experiment with other nuts)

2 tbsp raisins (or any other diced dried fruit, make sure there is no sugar added)

1/8 tsp vanilla

¼ tsp cinnamon


Directions/ Keep it simple

  1. Pre-heat oven to 350
  2. Mash banana and mix in all other ingredients (that’s it)BC3
  3. Scoop 2 tbsp of cookie dough onto parchment paper-lined cookie sheet, use fingers to flatten out dough balls into a “cookie shape.
  4. Bake for 15 minutes

Want freshly baked breakfast cookies? Shape the cookies and wrap in parchment paper. Store in freezer-lock container or bag. To re-heat, bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Enjoy warm,  with a glass of almond milk!

Breakfast cookies and almond milk

From Scratch / Almond Milk


Let’s get one thing straight, I love almond milk.

Maybe you like almond milk. Maybe you drink it in your tea (or coffee), but you’ve never truly loved until you’ve made it yourself.

It’s rich and creamy. It’s a little sweet and nutty.

It’s packed with protein, vitamin E, magnesium, potassium and iron. It’s good for your heart, skin, bones and muscles.

And, to seal the deal – it’s unbelievably easy.

I, too, resisted making it at home. I hesitated and stalled. Then one night, I just poured some water over a cup of raw almonds and the rest was history.


Ingredients/what you’ll need

yields 3.5 cups

Nut milk bag or turkey stuffing bag or cheese cloth

1 cup raw almonds, soaked

3.5 cups water

2-4 raw dates, I prefer less sweet and stick with 2

1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

pinch salt





Directions/see how easy it is

1. Before bed, or at least two hours before you press play on your blender, submerge 1 cup raw almonds in fresh filtered water.

2. Drain and rinse almonds.

3. Add soaked almonds, 3.5 cups filtered water, two dates, cinnamon and vanilla to blender.

4. Blend! Blend slowly, increasing from low speed to high speed until nuts are completely broken down.

5. Pour mixture through nut milk bag/turkey basting bag/cheesecloth. I used a turkey basting bag here and my french press liner to make less of a mess. I like to use a big bowl and then do about 2 turns of pouring, then gently squeeze to release the rest of the milk.


6. Pour into an adorable jar and keep in the fridge for up to seven days.


Adventures in Green Smoothies

Sunwarrior Smoothie 1This morning before my workout, I decided to add a protein boost to my Green Smoothie. I love Sunwarrior because it is a raw, vegan source of easily absorbed protein (bonus: it doesn’t have a weird powder taste or consistency). The warrior blend has a complete amino acid profile and 17 grams of protein per scoop! I add it to my smoothies when I want to feel energized for a work-out, or have a more sustained feeling of fullness. I also like to add some powerful omega-3s to my smoothies with a scoop of ground flax seeds. Rich in lignan fiber, and essential fatty acids, flax seeds promote healthy digestion and fight inflammation!

Blend, Drink, and Feel POWERFUL! 

  • 1 scoop Sunwarrior Warrior Blend
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 tablespoon ground flax seeds
  • 1 giant handful organic baby spinach
  • 3/4 cup frozen organic mixed berries
  • 1 dash cinnamon
  • 1 cup filtered water (you can use more or less depending on your desired consistency)